Monday, 5 January 2015

Entertainment Monday: Akdong Musican (5 January 2015)

I can’t get enough of kpop pair Akdong Musician for their cute, feel good pop music. I’ve been playing their songs Give Love and 200% nonstop since November.  Akdong means  mischievous child in Korean and I think it’s a cute name for the young pair who are only seventeen and fifteen years old. Akdong Musican consists of sibling duo Chanhyuk (17) and Suhyun (15).  Suhyun recently collaborated with Lee Hi in a song called I’m Different which I wrote about  last year.
The pair got their start after winning Kpop Star which is a reality singing contest like American idol. They signed onto YG Entertainment, a prestigious entertainment agency and launched their first album Play last year. What is unique about their situation is that Chanhyuk wrote all the songs and produced the music for the album.

Most Korean pop stars are manufactured artists. They are selected at a young age for their looks and talent and spend years training with their company until they debut. The talent agency decides whether to form the young people into groups or as solo artists. Some debut earlier than others which is decided by the company. The artists usually don’t have much influence in the decision making process, which means that most don’t write their own music until they are more established artists. So, AKMU are fortunate that they were given creative freedom.
The songs that I am showcasing today are my favourite AKMU songs.  

200% is Akdong Musician’s debut song. In the video clip, Suhyun chases after a boy she has a crush on and the storyline continues in their next song, Give Love.

In Give Love, Suhyun tries to compete for the affections of a boy and has a rival to his love. However, that rival is revealed not to be a rival at all but the boy’s sister.


  1. So far I've only heard snippets of Akdong Musician's songs when I watched K-Pop music chart countdowns, and I really agree that their style of feel-good music is lovely to just chill out to! Very different from most of the genres showcased in K-Pop nowadays.

    I had no idea they were a brother and sister duo, or that they're of such a young age!

    It's very true that most K-Pop artistes are manufactured idols with little to no say or contribution in what they're performing, unfortunately. How refreshing it is to see these very talented siblings achieve their dreams :)

    200% and Give Love are both great songs; I can't believe Chanhyuk wrote and produced it all! It really is amazing. I'm excited to see how they'll continue to grow and progress in this industry. I'm sure they'll go far!

    Awesome post, Carlyn! I love K-Pop but I lean more towards the Dance Pop genres so it's always cool to learn about new and interesting bands to check out :)

  2. Glad to see you enjoyed some of AKMU's music. I will certainly be following their careers too. I hope they continue to make their own music and don't change too much. I particularly think about whether they will be asked by their agency to get plastic surgery as it is so common with Asian popstars.

  3. Hopefully with how they've been able to begin their career the landscape of K-Pop is changing a little and will allow them to kind of make their own path as opposed to having one they must follow. I liked both videos and the live song too. I don't hear much K-Pop at all and I do not hear much music in a foreign language to English other than Opera, so it was enjoyable for me to hear something so different from what I typically listen to.


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