Thursday, 19 February 2015

30 Day Triceps Dips Week 2 into Week 3 (Jon Bear)


I made sure to do my dips today as I'm going to visit my mom after work tomorrow and doubt that I will do the dips while I am visiting her for a few days.  I started breaking the dips up into sets and not doing them consecutively.  I know the actual challenge calls for them to be done consecutively, but I figure at least doing the required total broken up into sets is better then not doing it at all. >.< 

Day 13 FRIDAY 13 FEB 2015 45 REPS

I did not do any dips today.  I drove to mom's house after work (about an hour and a half drive) and had a nice dinner with my family.  I did not do any real work out to speak of. 


No dips again today.  I did help shovel the driveway with Mom as we are getting a moderate snowfall today.  The snow piles off the side of her driveway are getting close to going above my head now.  I meant to take a picture but forgot to.  So I got in a little bit of exercise albeit mostly cosmetic shoveling today with nothing too tough. 


Good thing it was rest day as I did not do any dips again today.  Once again I did more shoveling with mom.  We definitely got a good little snow fall last night which made today's shoveling harder work then yesterdays.  We also had a lot of wind, so the snow drifted into some larger piles in certain parts of the driveway.  Mom accurately pointed out how the larger snow drift piles decided to fall on my part of the driveway.  Oh well, I guess that's a bit of penance for not doing my triceps dips. >.<

DAY 16 MONDAY 16 FEB 2015 50 REPS

Back from mom's house.  I had to work today but got in my 50 triceps dips reps with two separate sets of 25 each.  I also road the stationary bike for about a half hour while watching t.v..  To try and make up for my absence of reps the last few days I also did some push ups and sit ups. 

DAY 17 TUESDAY 17 FEB 2015 55 REPS

Went to work again today.  When I got home I did my 55 triceps dips but broke it into three sets this time.  I usually do them when I watch the weather on t.v.. That way I can focus on the exercise and half pay attention to the next snow storm or bitter cold outbreak heading our way.  That's been our Winter this year in the Northeast  United States.


I did my 60 Reps today.  No other exercise to speak of really.  I have been eating a lot better though the past week and a half or two weeks now and am starting to lose some weight.  I'm not starving myself.  Just eating smart and smaller portions.  Ironically I broke my belt.  The buckle broke off it, so now that I'm losing a little weight, my pants are kind of sliding a bit and I have to make sure I hike them up every so often.  I'll buy a new belt this weekend, but perhaps a size down from where I was to help encourage continued weight loss.

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