Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blogs of the Month: February 2015- Oops Forgot to post this-Better late than never. .....

Carlyn: A blog that I read regularly is A Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard. Joanna is a lifestyle blogger from New York who write about relationships, food, childrearing, travel and home life. My favourite thing to read from her blog is posts about motherhood around the world from American mothers living abroad. I love that series because it offers insight about other cultures from a western perspective. Although I am not a mother, I appreciate the advice on childrearing in other countries as I may be a mother someday and I work in the education industry.  

Jon Bear's Site: I know that we do some book reviews on our blog site... well... mostly Carlyn as I have been a bum about the book reviews for a while now, but I still enjoy finding other sites that review books and give me a little insight into something that might peek my interest.  I Really like the breakdown of a synopsis when separated from a review in an easy to read and direct fashion as is the case at .  I think the blog authors (as there are several reviewers on the site) of Reading for Sanity do a great job of making it easy to pick out books I might like to read.  The blog has something for everyone too.  While there are lots of children's book reviews, there are also books of interest for adults on the site.   Of course, I myself am a bit age-blind as a reader and could care less what target audience the book might have.  I'm just looking for fun and interesting stories to read.  Another feature I really like about the site is how they list other books the reader might like if they are interested in a particular review.  I have actually yet to put the site to use with regards to a book purchase of my own, but I fully intend to find a book or books reviewed at Reading for Sanity and give them a try.  =)  ---- Jon Bear

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