Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fitness Challenge: Week 4 Final Week

DAY 23 MONDAY 23 2015 75 REPS
I was not a bum today. I did 75 reps!

DAY 24 TUESDAY 24 2015 80 REPS
I did 80 reps. Yays

Yay  Rest day!!

DAY 26 THURSDAY 26 2015 85 REPS
I did 85 reps

DAY 27 FRIDAY 27 2015 27 85 REPS
I only managed 40 reps today.

DAY 28 SATURDAY 28 2015 90 REPS
I didn’t do any reps today. I was going to do them after work but I decided to go to a Chinese New Year celebration and I went to watch a movie.

DAY 29 SUNDAY 1 2015 95 REPS
I did 95 reps today!

DAY 30 MONDAY 2 2015 100 REPS
This was the last day of the challenge. I did 100 reps.

I thought this challenge would be easy but I did find it hard to be motivated to exercise. There were times when I didn’t want to do any tricep dips. I didn’t see much difference in my arm muscles during the challenge but that can be attributed to my not doing the challenge that often. What I did take from this experience is that an exercise diary is a good way to keep track of your progress. It helped me to see that I could be more active.

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