Wednesday, 29 July 2015

2015 Goal: Do something nice for mum's 50th Birthday

One of my goals this year was to give my mum a good 50th birthday. Mum told me she wanted to do something big for her birthday so I decided to take on that challenge. I told her that I would pay for whatever she wanted to do and I gave her some suggestions. Mum wasn’t exactly happy with turning 50 but recognized it was a big milestone. I listed the usual stuff that people do when people reach a milestone like tattoos, bungee jumping and other thrill seeking stuff. Mum wasn’t keen on doing something that daring so I suggested things like beauty treatments and going to musicals.

In the end, mum said that what she wanted to do was to host a barbecue and invite her friends. Mum requested we keep her birthday a secret though as she didn’t want for them to create a fuss. One of her friends in particular was from interstate and had been visiting for a month. Her friend was leaving on the day of mum’s birthday so everyone was under the impression that the barbecue was a farewell lunch for that friend.  I debated on whether to tell mum’s friends it was her birthday and get a surprise cake. However, I decided to go with my mother’s wishes as it wasn’t about me. I kinda felt bad that we couldn’t acknowledge her birthday. I still wonder if that was the right thing to do but it’s all in the past now.

The next day, we did give mum her presents. She was very happy with her gifts. I bought her a camera that has a screen at the front which allows for easier selfies. Mum struggles with technology so I bought it to make taking photos easier for her. Dad bought her a painting that my grandmother has as well. She was very happy to get it. We didn’t have a day of celebration either as she was busy buying goodies for the friend to take back home to give to our grandmother. Mum is always thinking about other people.

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  1. The best mums are the entirely selfless ones :) My mum is exactly like that, never wanting people to cause a fuss over her. We "celebrated" her 60th birthday this year and it was very low-key as well. But that's what she wanted and it was a lovely get-together anyway! I'm glad you were able to give your mum some well deserved gifts though :)

    1. I'm glad that your mother enjoyed her 60th birthday. When it comes to selfless types there's always the issue about whether to go with what they want or plan something big for them.

  2. Sounds like one goal completed successfully! Glad your mum had a very happy birthday surrounded by friends and good food!


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