Monday, 4 January 2016

Entertainment Monday: Akdong Musician - Like Ga, Na, Da" (가나다같이) (Monday 4 January 2016)

I wrote about this Kpop duo last year in this post. Akdong Musician is a kpop brother and sister team who are known for their cute and wholesome pop music. Older brother Chanhyuk writes and produces the music, while Suhyun is the lead vocalist. The two have been on a hiatus for a year but will make a comeback in 2016 with a new album.


Akdong Musican did release one song in 2015 entitled Like Ga, Na, Da" (가나다같이) to celebrate Hangeul Day which is held on October 9th annually. It is a day to celebrate the invention of the Korean alphabet. It is a public holiday and many towns hold festivals to celebrate Korean culture and there are calligraphy displays and contests.

 I like it as it’s a really cute video clip and the vocals are great.  

Song with english subtitles


  1. Is this the same brother/sister combo who you had written about who won some kind of competition, which first vaulted them into K-pop fame?

    I watched the version without the subtitles, as some times I don't want to know what a song means but just with to derive a feeling from the sound. I liked the upbeat and playful nature of the video and the lyrics. I also liked that the brother was featured a bit more than in the past vocally with his rap midway through the song. The sister undoubtedly has an amazing singing voice.

  2. Yes it is the same sibling duo that I wrote about last year. The song is basically a simple love story told in a fairytale type fashion with references to writing in the lyrics as well. When the brother raps, he talks about how he may not be rich but he's talented at writing how he feels.


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