Sunday, 3 January 2016

Old Goals Reviewed 2015

1. Be Productive
I have a tendency to procrastinate so I made a conscious effort to stop. There were times when I spent countless hours on the internet but I was more aware of it and made efforts to stop.  I think I made a good effort.

2. Save 3 Months worth of wages
I didn’t achieve this goal. I actually spent more in 2015 from going out and being too generous with family and buying stuff I didn’t need.

3. Dress Better 
I did make an effort in 2015 to dress nicely and try new fashions. I asked my friends to help create outfits for me which you can read about here. I also learnt that while I like fashion, I am really more of a low maintenance person and I like to wear simple things.

4. Obtain More Qualifications
I didn’t get more qualifications as I couldn’t afford the courses that I wanted. 

5. Go Green
I do try to be environmentally mindful. I try to purchase products that are safe for the environment and I try to have a low carbon footprint. At first, I was worried that organic or sustainable items would be expensive but I discovered that there is a wide variety and price range.

I did a little bit of exercise during 2015 but not a regular basis.  It’s something I have to work on.

7. Do something awesome for mum's 50th birthday
Mum wanted a barbecue and she had a small party with friends. I wanted to do something extravagant but she wanted a low key event. She didn’t even tell her friends that it was her birthday.

8. Read 36 books this year
I certainly did more reading in 2015. I took a book with me everywhere which helped me to finish books.  Carrying a book around helped me to escape the boredom during waiting time such as waiting for the doctor and in restaurants.

I thought I would finish this goal except for a small mistake I made. I kept a list of the books I read and I miscounted. After the number 25, I had written 30, 31, 32 etc. I wasn’t aware that I had made a mistake until near the end of the year. So, I had a mad scramble to finish the list. I needed to read 11 more books. I searched through my  to be read pile for my thinnest books and read those. Unfortunately, I still didn’t finish my goal.

Fortunately, reading 30 books in 2015 is still an achievement for me. My yearly average was about 15 books prior to the goal. 

Overall, I think I did okay last year in completing my goals. There were some that I put more effort to than others like the reading goal and the environmental goal. This year, I still want to have exercise and saving money as a goal. Those goals seem to be my biggest hurdles. All I can do is keep trying. 


  1. I always dread the goals review post more than I do the new goals post each year. I think you really did quite well in achieving your 2015 goals Carlyn.

    I know you put in a good bit of effort too! Which is almost as important as achieving your goals. I myself, failed miserably this past year in keeping any kind of focus on my goals and hope to change that in 2016.

  2. You did a good job with them! Some of them weren't achievable for one reason or another, and some were missed, but you put in a good effort towards them and quite a few were reached as well. Hope you can get some good goals in for 2016.


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