Sunday, 28 February 2016

February 2016 Goal Progress

In order to achieve my yearly goals, I have divided the goals up to smaller ones to do each month.  The main goals were: 

Exercise regularly
The original plan was to walk everyday which I didn’t end up doing. I just forgot about this goal actually. Next time, I should print out my goals for the month.

Spend more time outdoors
I did make an effort going outside more. Normally, I am stuck in the house all day but I took the time to go outside.  

Take more risks
This goal was mainly for my career. I’m currently a substitute teacher and I’m looking for more permanent work. To take a risk, I applied for jobs that I wanted that I would have normally wouldn’t have because I would think they would never pick me. I found some interesting jobs outside of the school environment, there was a job for an Education correspondent for a newspaper and a museum needed someone to manage the children’s exhibits with an educational background.

Me time once a month
This month, I decided to watch five movies that I wanted to watch. I didn’t end up watching that many movies; I mostly watched new TV shows. The shows I watched were Goosebumps, House of Cards, Upper Middle Class Bogan, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Torchwood.
I watched Goosebumps which is based on a series of horror books written for children. Goosebump books by R.L Stine were very popular in the 90s when I grew up. The TV series went on for three seasons during 1996-1998.  I use to find the TV show scary as a kid but not as an adult. It’s a nostalgia trip for me.
I only watched one episode each of House of Cards and Torchwood but I am planning on watching the rest of the series. This month, I was more into comedy so I finished Upper Middle Bogan and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 

Give to charity
In February, I resolved to shop at small businesses to support the local community. So, I went to the corner store instead of the supermarket and the local cinema instead of the big chain.
Read books
I wanted to finish off The Selection series by Kiera Cass but I didn’t finish it. However, I did finish The Elite which was the second book from the series.

Explore Buddhism- Didn’t do.
Print out photos – Didn’t do.

Be positive/Happy- Well I didn’t go out of way to focus on positivity this month but it was a happy month.

What I learned:
I had too many goals this month. In future, I’m going to concentrate on a maximum of three per month. In March, I plan on focusing on taking more risks with my career, finally printing out all the photos for the family albums and saving money.  

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