Monday, 14 March 2016

Entertainment Monday: How to be Single (Monday 14 March 2016)

Alice (Dakota Johnson) a recent college graduate asks her boyfriend Josh (Nicolas Braun) to put their relationship on hold while she goes to New York to find herself. Alice goes to live with her sister Meg (Leslie Mann) and goes to work as a paralegal. At the law firm, Alice meets Robin (Rebel Wilson), a nymphomaniac who shows her how to have a good time. Robin introduces Alice to Tom (Anders Holm), a womanizing bartender. The two enter into a casual relationship. Alice and Tom become confidantes about leading directionless and commitment free lives.Meanwhile, Alice’s sister decides to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor and Josh decides to date someone else. Alice spends a lot of time partying and trying to figure out her love life.  She becomes lost and unsatisfied with life until she learns to be her own person.
My friend suggested we watch this movie and I agreed because it was cheap Tuesday, a day where tickets are five dollars. I was surprised at how much I liked this film. I want to add it to my movie collection when it comes out on DVD. I’m only three years out of university and still trying to figure out my life so I could relate to Alice. I felt that Alice is what you call a hot mess. She was easily persuaded by her party animal friend to party and have flings which left her unhappy. Alice’s sister was a sympathetic listener but didn’t guide Alice in making better decisions. I think she was more concerned for her own love life and her pregnancy. In the movie, Alice kept having an on and off again relationship with Josh and other guys, which made me worry that she would never learn how to be single.

This movie explores other factors in singledom too such as being career focused and bereavement. The only one that doesn’t come to some realization or doesn’t need healing is Robin, who relishes her single life. Robin doesn’t have a healthy lifestyle but she’s happy and knows herself. My favourite scene featuring Robin is, when she and Alice wake up from a night of partying and realize they are going to be late for work. Robin has been in that situation before and manages to get them to work wearing stylish clothes, full makeup and blow dried hair and they arrive at work… three hours later. It’s only at the end of the movie that it is revealed how Robin can get away with her lifestyle.

The movie takes place in New York City which was appropriate given how many people go to New York is make their dreams come true. The city was like another character. Before I could never understand the allure of New York but now I do. There’s this scene where Alice is sitting on the fire escape staircase and she’s so high up yet dwarfed by the other skyscrapers which made the city look magnificent. I don’t know enough about New York to know about the places featured in the film except Central Park but all the landscapes were stunning and vast. 

This is a good movie to watch with friends when you want a lighthearted entertaining movie. Or a good film to watch for me time especially if you are single. This movie reminded me to enjoy my singledom and that there are plenty of fun things to do alone.

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