Friday, 18 March 2016

Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House by Ann M. Martin- Review by Carlyn


I’m crazy about The Babysitters Club series. It’s a series from the late 80s to the 90s, about seven girls who babysit. I’ve blogged about the series before which you can find in the book review section. Each book features one of the girls and this book is about Stacey McGill. Stacey McGill is a thirteen year old girl who lives in a fictional town called Stoneybrook in Connecticut. She loves dressing outlandishly and looking after children.

This book is part of the mystery spin off books from The Babysitters Club series. The mysteries are lightweight cases, such as dognapping and jewelry heists as it is a children’s book series.  In this one, Stacey is asked to housesit for a family she babysits regularly. They ask her to collect the mail and feed the dog while they go on vacation. While housesitting, Stacey notices that some things in the house are out of order.  A vase that she broke has mysteriously been fixed and a glass that she didn’t use is in the sink. Stacey and her friends think that there might be an intruder in the house. They think it is the escaped convict that has been sighted in Stoneybrook.

There’s also a secondary plot about the babysitters organizing a sleigh ride for their charges for Christmas. They all worry about whether it will snow in time for the sleigh ride. The babysitters are always organizing special event for their children. The children are lucky to have such dedicated babysitters. They do talent shows, sleepovers, plays, sailing and baseball.

I felt that this book was the weakest mystery Babysitter Club book I have read yet. The ending was lame. Normally, the girls do some detective work and then call the police and present their findings. This time around, it all turns out to be a misunderstanding and the girls don’t even solve the case. The family who Stacey house sat for make their explanations. Maybe Ann Martin didn’t want anything dark for Christmas. So it was a disappointing read. There were still some good points in the story. The children they babysit for thanked them for their hard work and dedication. I thought that was sweet and it’s nice that the kids recognized that the girls do a lot for them. 

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