Monday, 22 January 2018

First Day of School

The 22nd of January is the first day of school for Queenslanders. I got a new job as a teaching assistant so I will be there on day one. It will be fun watching the children arriving into school. Some will be excited and run into the classroom with their parents in tow and others will be clinging to mum or dad’s hand, fearful of their first day of school. In contrast, one of my new colleagues has children starting high school this year. She would love to be there for her kids but they rather not be seen with their mother. They have reached the stage where parents are embarrassing.  I remember my first days of school and thought I would share them.

My dad took me to my first day of school.  I think I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. We found the classroom alright. On the desks were labels with each student’s names that were to go on our tidy trays. My dad covered the label in contact before I could colour it in. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Hanson. She looked like Queen Elizabeth ll. I wonder if she is still alive.

High School
My dad came with me on my first day of high school. A lot of new students already knew each other but I barely knew anyone. It was a novel experience, going from class to class for different subjects. The other students were very friendly and invited me to hang out with them. Eventually, I found friends that I clicked with and I had a good high school experience.

This time dad didn’t come with me. I didn’t ask him to and he didn’t offer. I took the train and bus to get to campus. I felt small and awkward on campus. It was just a day of walking around, trying to find different classes, getting lost and trying not to look lost. I eventually dropped out of that uni and tried again at a different one. I think I was too young and overwhelmed with it all. When I started uni again, I had a bit more life experience and I majored in something that I had better interest in.
What were your first days of school like? Were you excited or nervous? Did you have a positive school experience?


  1. I hope that you enjoyed the first day of school as a teaching assistant. ^_^ That sounds like a challenging and fun job. It was interesting to hear about your own first days of school! I was home schooled all the way from kindergarten through high school, and I don't remember anything of my first day but Mom taking pictures of me!

    1. I had a good day as a teaching assitant. I mostly stayed in the background that day, laminating and photocopying stuff. Home schooling is an interesting concept for me, it's not common in Australia. I think I would have liked it.


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