Friday, 23 December 2011


When I wrote my list of 20 things to do I found myself wanting to add more to the list. I won’t put more on the list though, I don’t even know if I’ll even accomplish all twenty things next year.  Although my list is very simple, life changes, we forget things and sometimes something that you found to be important are no longer so. I thought about creating this blog while on summer vacation from my studies, I may feel differently about this when I start school again and once I commence my new job.  So it will take some discipline for Jon and I to accomplish our small adventures.
What Jon and I can do is start to prepare for our goals so we are more likely to accomplish them. I can buy gift bags or boxes in preparation for Christmas and other special occasions. I can slowly work up and buy/make presents during the year. I can also start thinking about where I would like to go with my loved ones, what concerts I would like to see so I can start saving money too.
I’ve also noticed that there are some things that Jon and I can do in one big hit, accomplishing multiple goals. For example, Jon could make a scrapbook about the day trips or I could go to see a play and I could take one of my loved ones with me, get a haircut for the occasion.

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