Sunday, 24 June 2012

I am Spock by Leonard Nimoy- Book review

I don't remember when I bought this book but it was maybe one or two years ago. I am a fan of Star Trek. I have watched all the movies and most of the teleivsion series from the franchise, my favourite series being the original and Enterprise.  My favourite character has always been Spock so I do like to read fanfiction about him and books about him. I also like Leonard Nimoy and I feel happy when I find one of his movies or see him in a guest role on tv.

So I decided to read I am Spock which is Leonard Nimoy's second autobiography, the first one is I am not Spock which I don't have. In I am Spock, Leonard Nimoy talks about his acting career and how he felt when he was doing different acting gigs.

It was interesting reading all the little details about life that I have not read from articles or watched from interviews. For instance, the small politics back at the studio when he was filming Star Trek the television show and how there was only one telephone on the set. He wanted one for his dressing room because he had a lot calls to make and he was willing to pay to have it installed himself. But the studio didn't like that because the other actors had demands too and they would have to say yes to everyone.

He also visited China during the cultural revolution when he was filming a mini series there called Marco Polo and he also went to Russia when it was part of the Soviet Union to visit some long lost relatives and watch a screening of Star Trek 4.

I also liked reading how the Star Trek movies were made and the imput he had about how to portray Spock. I found out some facts about some of the movies, like how it was really hard to breathe in the radioactive chamber in Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan because it's almost air tight in chamber. I also liked reading about how Nimoy directed two Star Trek movies which was Star Trek 3: Search for Spock and Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home which was difficult for him because he had to act and direct.

Did you know he directed Three Men and a Baby ?

 The fourth Star Trek movie was more lighthearted than the other films and Nimoy directed that one. It was a surprise to some critics that he could be funny so that's how he got Three Men and  a Baby. I use to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid. It's a pleasant surprise that he directed the movie.

I really liked the book. I will read any other autobiographies by the other Star Trek people too so I know what they were thinkig and feeling at the time when they were in Star Trek and other points in their lives.


  1. I love three men and a baby! I'm following you (:


    1. Thanks so much Nathalie! It's been so long since I saw Three Men in a Baby, I wonder what the little baby is doing now as an adult. I might research that.


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