Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hamburger Designs and Conclusion to 1 Million acts of Kindness

Jon and I changed the blog design into a giant hamburger. I decided We decided that it was time for a change and we spent three hours or so trying out new templates. It was more of a frustrating experience for Jon because I kept rejecting his choices. In the end, we ended up with the giant hamburger, which won't be permanent. Jon and I both like hamburgers and you could say that it symbolic of the small adventures because it's a burger with the lot.

Our other  news is that it is the end of the 1 Million Acts of Kindness initiative which Jon and I have been participating in for eight weeks.

 Here Is 1 Million Acts of Kindness explained:
This is 1 Million Acts of Kindness.

An 8-week challenge designed to encourage us to perform random acts of kindness to ourselves, loved ones, acquaintances, strangers, animals, and even the environment - to help create a happier, healthier and more trusting environment.

 Think about how happy you feel when a stranger smiles at you in the street, when you donate to charity, take your dog for a walk, help someone at the park fly their kite, offer your seat to someone on the tram, or compliment your partner on how dashing they look – these are all acts of kindness, and all contribute to a happier, kinder way of life.

The challenge will keep you motivated with FREE weekly plans, kindness suggestions, heartwarming stories, instructional videos, personalised tools and trackers, and much more.

There will be specific ways in which both kids and adults can participate.  It’s FREE to join and you can join as either an individual or as a team.

So, let’s see if we can make Australia a happier and more livable place for us all.

During the eight weeks, I did some of their suggested acts of kindness such as this and a few others but I mostly came up with my own nice gestures when opportunity arose. I was very busy during the first weeks of the challenge with school and in the last few weeks with exams so I mostly concentrated on doing kind things on the weekends. I chose to be nicer to my brothers (not that I’m not nice to them), cook meals for my family and keep the house clean. I liked making my family happy and spending more time with them. I liked treating them to little gifts and trips.

Jon and I were in a team which allowed us to have a team page however we didn’t have access to each other’s individual pages so we couldn’t see the progress that the other was making. Jon did email the admin about that but they said that they just didn’t program for people to see each other’s profile. We also had a forum which we could communicate on but we didn’t use it that often.

I didn’t see much of what other people were doing for their eight weeks of the challenge, there was a forum for all participants to communicate on but not many people were using it, there are only seven threads listed.
I might do the challenge again next year as I am positive that they will make improvements from what they learnt about this year. If I do the 1 Million Acts of Kindness next year, I will try to do it with more gusto.

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