Friday, 23 May 2014

23. What is your schedule like?

I lead a boring simple life. I wake up at 5am and I either sleep til 6-630am or I get up and open all the curtains in the house. I also put a load into the washing machine and tidy up the house as I move through the rooms.  I take out the garbage as well and I clean up the yard a bit. Afterwards, I go on the computer to check my emails, read Bloglovin, Facebook before I have breakfast.

When I finish breakfast, I fold the laundry while watching some morning breakfast program. I also hang up the washing if nobody has done it. Then I return to the computer to search for jobs and I do any maintenance for this blog. I also get distracted and waste my time reading articles, watching Youtube and searching the internet for useless information.

During all that time wasting, I get up to stretch my legs and admonish myself for being a bum. I go and clean something in the house for exercise which usually involves doing a deep clean of some cupboard or messy space.  I like a clean house because it makes me feel like everything is fine in the world.

Lunch is usually leftovers but sometimes my mum returns from her errands with a snack for me. When it is the afternoon, I cook afternoon tea for my family and I chat with anyone who has returned home and fill them in with everything that is happening.

When it is night time, I go on the computer again to check my emails, read blogs, Facebook and all that jazz again.  I watch House Rules at 7:30 pm which is a renovating show where contestants renovate each others houses, the catch is that they do it all in one week.  After that I just watch whatever I find interesting.

Then at 9pm I go to sleep unless I found something interesting to watch on tv. I sometimes read a book before I go to sleep. I’m enjoying the slow pace of my life at the moment especially as I am recovering from an illness that has lasted longer than it should.  I’m sure that when I start subsitute teaching, that my life will be far more interesting!

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