Saturday, 24 May 2014

24. Three Things: Two True, One False

Today's blog challenge challenge does not say that I must indicate which two things are true and which one thing is false, so I will let the reader guess.

1.  While I have mentioned that I've never been abroad here before that is technically not accurate because when Clifford and I were born we were born in Saudi Arabia and spent a little over two weeks there before my Mom and Dad moved back to the United States.  Mom was a Radiologist with the Peace Corps at the time and Dad was working as an English teacher even though he never had earned any teaching credentials here in the United States.  The main reason for us being in Saudi Arabia was part of mom's short term assignment there through the Peace Corps.  She did not want to leave early once she became pregnant and although her assignment ended before she was due to have us, doctors considered it too risky to fly back to the states while she was pregnant with twin boys.  Heather being not quite 4 years old at the time does not have much memory of the time we were in Saudi Arabia, but Robert (who was 9 and a half at the time) has some pretty cool stories and I'd always like to go back for a visit some day.  I still blame Mom and Dad for ruining my aspirations of becoming U.S. President some day (for those who don't know you must be native born in the United States to become president). 


2.  One of the earliest things we learned in school when I was a kid was how the United States is a melting pot of cultures, religions, economic back grounds etc.  This was always an easy concept for me to accept because of my own back ground and heritage.  I should probably learn more about my heritage but from speaking to family members who have done genealogies I know that my ancestry is Russian, French-Canadian (that's not French mind you, it means I had an ancestor from the French speaking portions of Eastern Canada), English, Irish and Native American.  So Jon Bear is a mixture of European and Native ancestries.  Likely from a variety of religious backgrounds and economic standings.  I've always said that I'd like to look further into my ancestry and perhaps one of these days I'll be able to tell you all that I'm related to some highly revered historical figure.  On the chance that I come from a long line of loonies though, I might keep that one quiet. >.<


3.  Today is my sister Heather's birthday.  She is the best sister ever!  (yup, that's true) She turns 30 years old today (okay, maybe there will be two things that are false in this challenge) >.<.  I just want to wish her a happy birthday and say that I hope she gets the chance to have a fun celebration with her friends and her husband David.   I appreciate all that Heather did for me growing up.  She would read books to my twin brother Clifford and I.  Sometimes I think she read more to me than I've read to myself over the years.  We also played lots of games together and she put up with whatever nonsensical argument or disagreement that arose out of our Monopoly match ups occasionally resulting in Clifford chasing her and I around the yard with the Kissing Moose.  The Kissing Moose is the toilet plunger for any of you who were not aware.  To be chased by the Kissing Moose around your yard is a deathly frightful experience.  If you don't believe me, go and try it out on a loved one when they've done something to really piss you off.  Heather still gives me wonderful books to read.  She also makes the best mixed drinks EVER and treats me like royalty when I come to visit.  Thank you for being such a wonderful person and even better sister Heather!  I love you very much and could not have chosen a better sister or sibling had I been given a choice in the matter. =P 

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