Friday, 27 February 2015

Exercise Challenge: Triceps Dips (week 3 into week 4)

Jon Bear:

I did my 65 reps today by breaking them up into two sets of 25 and one set of 15 reps.  I also rode the stationary bike.  My stationary bike is actually one handed down to me by my family.  It was at our home on Long Island for about 15 years or from the time I was about 10 years old until the time I turned 25.  Then it was shipped north to my brother Robert's house.  I'm not sure how much use it got there.  I know Robert, Shirley and Katrina all exercise but they do a lot of outdoor activities.  After they had it for a decade, a couple of years back they told me I could have the bike if I like, when I was talking about trying to get into better shape.  I took it, and it mostly sat on the floor in my living room for a year.  The past year though I've been getting much more frequent use out of it.  Especially this Winter with the horribly cold weather in the north east United States.  So it's not the shiniest or fanciest or most modern exercise equipment, but it serves it's purpose. 

YAY!  Rest Day.  Always a fun day.  I rested. 

I see that Carlyn out-repped me today as I did only the required 65 reps, once again in two sets of 25 and one of 15.  No exercise bike today.  I've been keeping up with my healthy eating and sleeping though, so even on the days I don't do too much exercising I feel like I'm making progress towards good health. 

DAY 22 SUNDAY  FEB 22 2015 70 REPS
I cheated and did not do any reps today.  I am always a bit of an excuse maker when I don't get something done.  And it being the Lord's day, which should be a day of rest and all, I am a bit nonplussed about missing my Reps today.  Look to Jon Bear of course to find a way to use religion as an excuse to get out of exercising.  Okay (confessional), I admit it.  I was a bum.  >.<
DAY 23 MONDAY FEB 23 2015 75 REPS 
Oh noes!  I did not do my reps again.  I did some mild exercising and rode the stationary bike a bit, but did not really feel like doing the triceps dips.  I need to have a bit more discipline as I admittedly have become a bit bored with the whole triceps dip.  How do people do this faithfully through the whole challenge? 
DAY 24 TUESDAY FEB 24 2015 80 REPS
Back on track today!  I did my 80 reps, even though I broke them up into four separate intervals of 20 during the Islanders hockey game.  The Islanders had their struggles early but coasted to a 5-1 victory with 4 goals in the 3rd and final period of the game.  That made the reps easier to do. 
I was feeling a bit guilty about the days I missed and did one set of 20 triceps dips today, but not feeling guilty enough to do any more than that.  Other than my 20 tricep dips I rested.
Oh well.  I must not have been feeling too guilty I guess because I missed my reps again today.  That's the 3rd time this week.  And it's not like I even did any extra special exercising to speak of to make up for it today.  I am still eating well.  Getting my greens and my fruits and veggies and staying away from the Pizza and alcohol and other enticements.  Yes... I'm trying to build myself up a little.  Much like Carlyn's ashamed Cat, I must also face the music and fess up to a poor week.  Next week is the last week, so there is still a chance to finish strong!  Wish us luck!

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