Monday, 2 March 2015

Entertainment Monday: Kingsman: The Secret Service (Monday 2 March, 2015)

Kingsman is a British action comedy film about a secret spy organization known as the Kingsman. After one of the Kingsman dies in a failed rescue attempt, the society needs a replacement member. Harry Hart (Colin Firth) reaches out to Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Taron Egerton) to be the new Kingsman. Gary or Eggsy as he prefers to be known in the film is a hooligan who sees getting into the Kingsman to be a way out of his dismal life. Eggsy has to compete with other candidates to become a Kingsman in a series of dangerous challenges. In the meantime, Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) is plotting to cleanse the world in a most evil way.


The movie is a celebration of the British spy genre, all the Kingsman are aristocratic and dressed in tailored suits with gadgets built into their accessories. My favourite gadget would have to be Harry Hart’s bulletproof umbrella that is also a shotgun. Eggsy is a wonderful contrasting character to the other upper class spies as he’s a working class lad. There are plenty of snide remarks made against Eggsy about his background but he refutes them easily because he’s use to being insulted.

I thought Taron Egerton was engaging as Eggsy and it was nice to have a newcomer in the lead role. I always associate actors with their previous roles so it was good to have a fresh face and not know what to expect. I thought he was the ideal choice for Eggsy because he looks ordinary and unassuming yet he’s strong and intelligent.

Taron Egerton as Eggsy

There were other newcomers in the film as well such as Sophie Cookson who played Roxy, a fellow Kingsman candidate. She reminded me of Emma Watson because of her small figure and brunette hair. Another standout newcomer is  Sofia Boutella who plays Gazelle, the henchwoman to Valentine. Sofia Boutella is a professional dancer so she excelled in the fight sequences.
Sofia Boutella as Gazelle

Colin Firth was perfect in his role as a gentleman spy, walking tall and talking in clipped tones. Firth was able to balance the upper class mannerisms without being a snob.. Samuel L. Jackson was an interesting villain, although his characters actions were bad, he had a likeable personality.

Colin Firth as Harry Hart
The action scenes are pretty good although the scenes are sped up in some instances and some victims get some awful blows. The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was a part in the ending which was a sexual scene which I think cheapens the movie and was unnecessary. It would have been better if they used the end clip when the credits rolled up as the end of the movie. Kingsman is a fun action movie with a bit of everything. It’s definitely a good movie to see with friends and for date nights.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sequel in the future or a possible franchise. 


  1. You're not gonna believe this, Carlyn...I was checking out show times in another tab for this very movie when I came to your blog and saw this review! What a crazy coincidence haha.

    Indeed, I've been hearing rave reviews about this movie from my friends and was wondering whether I should go catch it myself. After reading your very informative review my interest is definitely piqued. I too find it refreshing that they'd cast a newcomer in the lead role. Along with all the different characters and the premise in general, I can't wait to go watch it for myself!

    1. I hope you enjoy the film Renae. I especially like Gazelle, the evil hench woman. She kinda reminds me of Rachel from Glee though.

  2. Now that it is out of theatre's Kingsman is definitely a movie I would like to rent sometime. I had wanted to see it in theatre's but I get so busy with things that it's hard to find the time and money at the same time to go see a movie sometimes.

    For some reason during the previews I really associated the movie with the X-men movies. Just the action scenes. I don't know if the production studio or director were the same --- perhaps it's that if I heard it somewhere.


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